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About Compound  

Where Culture Is Created

com·pound noun/ ˈkämˌpound/ 1. a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.

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Compound Agency, is not your average agency. Comprised of a collective group of creative and disruptive minds, Compound produces bold and fresh visual concepts and implements break-through marketing ideas for a variety of companies. Compound's key asset is connecting and helping brands reach their target market effectively.
Specializing with clients in the fashion, music, arts, and sports industry, we use visual communication to influence, entertain, inform and enlighten observing audiences of products, ideas, and messages. Our relationships with celebrities, brands, athletes and influential personalities continue to be a vital part of Compound's success as a brand marketer.

Deep in the South Bronx, where the first melting pot was set ablaze by the birth of Hip-Hop, resides the Compounda creative space where art, music, fashion, and sports are fused, inspiring an atmosphere of innovation tucked away in bunker type building. The space serves as an adult playground for work, curated events, and meetings of the minds; where various artistic people come together to sharpen each-other and give life to imagination.

Described by Nylon magazine “as an arcade of cultured art”, The Compound has taken a life of it’s own in recent years. An industry secret has now made its way to the pages of Huffington Post and Billboard Magazine as a destination spot with daily requests for invite and location reveal. 

About Agency  

About Services

  • Consulting
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Strategic Media Relations
  • Campaign Development
  • Creative Consultation
  • Creative/Content Development
  • Visual Identity/Branding
  • Production  (Video/Photo)
  • Product Launches
  • Special Event
  • Pop-Ups + Trade Activations
  • Product Collaborations
  • Product Seeding
  • Campaign
  • Social Media
  • Brand

About Set Free

His ideas are 5 to 7 years ahead and most people can’t even grasp what he brings to the table or creates.

- Rob Stone, CEO Fader Magazine

Set Free is the mastermind behind the creation of the Compound. Critically acclaimed for creating the AND1 Mixtapes, an idea that propelled the AND1 brand into a multi-million-dollar franchise and international sensation, Set Free has a knack for being ahead of the curve when it comes to creating. 


Always on the pulse of what’s happening, Set Free is a brand and marketing specialist. His ties to industry  have made him a creative go-to in the entertainment field and a tastemaker to the public. He has been applying his experiences with urban culture to generate breakthrough ideas for various companies for over 15 years. Set Free’s ability to effectively connect product with consumers has landed him clients like Nike, Adidas, EA Sports, among many others.

After years of helping to promote and develop other brands throughout the course of his career, Set Free decided to put the same hustle, dedication, and creative spirit behind his own agency/company. 


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